Thursday, March 27, 2008

The road back to Brooklyn

I first want to thank everyone whom took the time to read through my scattered thoughts and random snap shots of dishes from Hawaii. It was overall the trip I never imagined in my lifetime. I met so many wonderful people and saw so many beautiful places. If anyone has an opportunity to go and visit Hawaii GO, GO, GO, GO!!!!!! I want to thank everyone at Haiilimaile General Store, The Blossoming Lotus, Mikey @ Kauai Int'l Hostel, The Rainbow End Hostel, Ryan our traveling hitchhiker, the guest of Mangolani, Napa Valley, Sonoma Valley, Mai-lei, Gustavo and city of Fresco. There were a few places I had the opportunity to eat at however they never made the blog. The Fish Market (freshest fish on the island), Flatbread Pizza ( really good local organic pizza), There is a gelato spot across the street from Fish Market (a must stop! enjoy..try the Pistachio!!!!) I've been back in NY for 2 weeks, and well.... what the hell do I do now? Life has me guessing and freaking out about where to take the new skills learned and where to go for the new skills I desire. I have made a decision about one thing.... Personal Chef Services! What do you guys think? I am fumbling around with the idea but I really feel this is the way to go and now this is where I am stuck. I need a name! I am putting it out to you all, "What would you name your business?" I am additionally requesting your opinion on a few names that came up for me... you be the judge and rate your favorites: A) Grilled Cheese Catering B) Breadfruit Catering C) Green Table Catering D) Knife and Fork Catering E) Salt and Pepper Catering F) Local Food Catering I love your support and know ya'll will help me with a name that is fitting to my beliefs, and the food I enjoying making. Stay Tuned for more photos of Hawaii and more project green table updates! Peace! Peace! Peace! PS... A special thank you to Harvey whom made the journey to visit. I had a unforgettable trip with you. MAHALO!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Specials Quiz

Where to start probably the beginning because they may help those that don't know.... I recently graduated from culinary school and my life took a major turn. I left my job of 2 years to pursue the passion for food. This passion has led me to hawaii where i began on a journey of externship at a restaurant on the island of Kauai. The Lotus took me in and I remolded my taste for vegan cuisine and push it in directions i will walk with everlasting. i have presented you an array of images that document a few of my glorious meals i experienced cooking and eating. the specials line (multiple choice ) indian special A) 1 B) 2 C) 3 D) 4 E) it all looks good does it matter dill and cracked pepper stuffed ravioli A) 2 B) 1 C) the picture suck i can't tell but the food looks damn good D) 3 E) i don't know orange glazed tofu with cashew coconut rice A) 3 B) 1 C) 2 D) 4 E) 5 herbs de provence marinted cutlets with asparages and pumpkin puree A) i want it all B) 1 C) 3 D) huh..... damn that sounds good E) 4 Take the test if you dare share to all enjoy the journey into food and never stop inspiring through food and your hidden passions. sue-b Ciao and Mahalo ( look it up if your having a hard time....)

sunrise & sunsets........

The Green Table Project Not much to say please enjoy and slip into a space of spiritual self expression and pleasure...... i enjoy sharing my stories i hope you can enjoy the moments i was expressing in each photo.... mahalo....

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Portraits from of 6:45am

The Green Table Project Forgive me I haven't figured out how to switch the direction of my pictures. I look like I have a mustache in a few of the photos anyone agree....? The land opens for the morning light to rise asking no questions just welcoming a mew day a new light as I capture our moment together at 6:45am in Kauai. You try...

Cupcakes anyone

The Green Table Project This is Hilary! she's the cupcake master baker.. only kidding. We work together at the Lotus and had a cupcake and wine party two nights ago. I still don't remember what happened I had a sugar rush and then I crashed on my bed at the hostel. Banana split cupcakes and peanut butter banana cupcakes.... Yeah they were kinda sweet.... wanna try one.... anyone....

Friday, February 8, 2008

Fruits of Labor in Kauai

The Green Table Project The fruits of this island are so vast I am merely showing about 1% of what this island has. There are apple bananas (banana's that taste like apples), mountain apples ( they look like a red delicious pear and apple had a baby together), soursap (my west indian folks know what this is), rasputins (the prickly red fruit sweet and delicious eat around the seed), tamarinds, tangerines so sweet you want to slap the farmer..... The farmers market on Kauai is every wednesday from 3pm until everything is sold. I got to the market around 3:15pm and the lot was so packed I couldn't even see where the entrance was. The market is in a parking lot and everyone in town come, meet, talk, and exchange their goods. Too all my foodies it's the Union Square market times 2 the prices are awesome and the wide variety of farmers selling different product is incredible. It has a very local, community vibe, and the energy is positive as the sun burn down on us on the hot asphalt. Here's the idea travel the world exploring all the different farmer's markets meet the people and prepare a plate worth writing your friends back home about. This is my mission and the green table project is committed to you enjoying my journeys as much as I am enjoying them. Stay tuned for next week's market adventures.... Ciao for now guys.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Aloha Kauai!

What! What! What! Alright folks so here we go again for those that remember my trip to Europe. Here are my chronicles of my trip to Hawaii in six weeks. I made it here safely and I am totally stoked to be here! I am cooking at a revolutionary restaurant on the island called The Blossoming Lotus (Check out their web page). I am working with a great group of peeps from the island and from the main land. For those that don't know Hawaii is part of the US so just to let you know they speak english here LOL. I attached my first meal that I help prepared and then devoured for my delicious dinner yesterday 2/4/08. It's the Enchilades! I have alot to add about the experience so far but I needed to start somewhere. Tune in tomorrow for my meal from 2/5/08 and gooey stories fro the beautiful beaches and undeveloped land on the island of Kauai. PEACE! MAHALO! ALOHA SUE-B PS. I attached a shot of my alcoholic beverage that accompained my dinner the LOTUS SANGRIA! I got alittle tipsy after that one.